About endocrinology

Your endocrine system is a network of glands that makes your hormones and is responsible for almost every cell, organ and function. If your endocrine system isn’t healthy, you may experience a wide range of problems – spanning mood, menopause, metabolism and much more.

Endocrinology is the branch of medicine that manages the endocrine system and any hormonal problems, including diabetes, thyroid, pituitary disease and osteoporosis.

Issues with your endocrine system can arise at any stage of life.

Our Doctors:

Dr Christina Jang

Dr Christina Jang is an Endocrinologist treating all endocrine conditions. She has special interest in female reproductive endocrinology, menopause and pituitary disease. For her, endocrinology is an area of medicine which presents opportunities to deliver far-reaching benefits to patients.


Dr Kate Haigh

Dr Kate Haigh is an Endocrinologist and assists with the diagnosis and management of endocrine disorders, with a focus on patient education and patient centred care. Her practice includes all areas of endocrinology with special interests in thyroid disorders, osteoporosis, menopause and endocrine disorders of reproduction and pregnancy.


Dr Hannah Farquhar

Dr Hannah Farquhar is an Endocrinologist working with all endocrine disorders and has a particular interest in pregnancy-related endocrine disorders, women’s health, androgen deficiency, thyroid disorders and diabetes mellitus.



Dr Melissa Katz

Dr Melissa Katz

Dr Melissa Katz is an Endocrinologist who provides the highest quality, holistic and evidence-based care and treatment for patients and supports them to understand their condition. She sees patients with all endocrine conditions, and has special interest in thyroid disease, diabetes mellitus, pituitary pathology, women’s health and endocrine disorders in pregnancy..


How Dr Jang can help

Dr Jang welcomes adults of all ages. Through thorough assessment of your presenting complaint, she confirms a diagnosis and explains the medical condition in detail, along with options for its ongoing management.

With your input, Dr Jang formulates a treatment plan that suits you and will achieve the best possible outcome. As part of this, she explains what you can expect in the future.

Dr Jang supports you through every stage of the management of your treatment plan and makes any adjustments that may be needed over time to suit changes in the health of your endocrine system, or to incorporate the development of new, proven treatments.

As your partner in good health, Dr Jang aims to support you to live a full and rewarding life.


Dr Jang works from the Nicholson Street Specialist Centre, which is co-located with the Greenslopes Private Hospital. Contact us for more information or to book an appointment with Dr Jang.

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